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Granny and Grandad live a little
way away on the 56 bus.

On Saturdays if it isn’t raining, Mummy, Daddy, Lottie, Humphrey and Baby Jack all go for a long walk down the path by the brook, over the bridge, then along a road and through the houses to visit. It takes ages. Mummy says the fresh air will do them good.



Grandad is usually in the garden when they get there. Humphrey finds little friends to show him. Grandad tells him how to make small holes and pop some beans in. He says in the summer we can have them for tea.


Granny says it’s time for some cherry cakes and makes
Humphrey wash his hands really well. She has a look and tells him to do it again.

Then they play snap, Grandad reads the paper and Daddy falls asleep with Kitty on his lap.
Mummy talks to Granny in the kitchen, Baby Jack has a nap and Humphrey and Lottie count the ladybirds in the garden.

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All about Lottie



Lottie is Humphrey’s Big Sister.

She is kind and lovely but is a bit
bossy quite a lot of the time!

Lottie likes being a Queen and being in charge, or a nurse, but most of all Lottie loves being a Fairy.
She runs around all day making magic wishes come true.




Lottie likes having a sandwich box and her own name on it. Daddy takes Lottie on his way to catch the train to work.

Lottie is really pleased when her picture gets put up on the wall. She especially likes getting a gold star.



Lottie’s very very best friend is Jessie.
She lives in one of the new houses near the school.

They sit next to each other in class and nearly always play at the weekends. They make a camp under Jessie’s bunk bed and you aren’t allowed in if you didn’t know the password.



Lottie has 4 babies. Bear used to belong Granny when she was little. So he is very old.

Daddy bought Barry Lamb for Lottie one Easter when he has been away for some days for work.

Trevor Tortoise is the next oldest.
Mummy made him out of felt in her needlework lessons at big school when she was a teenager.

Lu Lu is Lottie’s favourite (but it’s a secret because she doesn’t want the others to feel upset) Lottie wrote to Father Christmas and asked for a dolly. Please. And Lu Lu cam


Lottie has a little friend at school called Edward.
Edward lives in the flat above the green grocers.
His Mummy and Daddy work in the shop.

Lottie says he is her boyfriend and made him a lovely card on valentine’s Day.
Edward went all red and didn’t know what to say.

…But he kept looking at it when no
one else was there.



Lottie says when she is big she is going to

marry Edward and go to lots of parties.

She put on Mum’s old clothes… she didn’t

know her Mummy used to be really cool!




Lottie wants to be a ballerina too.
She kept on and on at Mum until she bought some
ballet shoes and took her for lessons in the next town.



Lottie was very shy because she was the new girl. She soon made a little friend and couldn’t wait until the next Saturday afternoon. After a lot of practice they did a show for the
Mummies and Daddies. Lottie was a
raindrop in a silver sparkly dress.

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All about Humphrey


Humphrey is 3 years old.

He is a gentle and soft elephant.

Sometimes he gets a bit noisy (if he is being an indian) or grumpy when he gets tired but usually Mummy says what a good boy he is.



When he was first born Daddy bought Humphrey a toy rabbit.

His name is Mop.

One ear fell off because Humphrey always
sucked it when he was a baby.



Humphrey has got other toys, but he only properly loves Mop.

Humphrey has to have Mop all the time!

Mummy secretly washed him when he was asleep.

Mummy and Daddy both try and make sure Mop doesn’t get lost. That would be a big problem.


Humphrey likes doing lovely pictures to go on the kitchen wall





…Making mud potions in his camp
at the bottom of the garden



…Being a Superhero and saving everybody, da da daah!


and going fishing with Daddy down to the brook
(but they always put them back)


Humphrey goes to Mothers and Toddlers two times a week.
He likes it because there are lots of toys
and he has apple juice and biscuits.

He has a new little friend called Tilly who goes too!
She lives around the corner. Humphrey went to Tilly’s
birthday party. He had to play with her Barbie’s…
but he didn’t really mind.


Humphrey’s other friend is George.
He has a baby sister called Daisy. They live next door. They have a puppy too. Humphrey is allowed to go through the gap in the hedge to play in George’s garden.

When George’s Mum pops round she
always talks for ages to Mummy.




George came to Humphrey’s birthday party when he was 3.
They played pass the parcel and had bubbly pots and ran around the garden lots because it was all very exciting

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On Friday afternoons,
Humphrey and Lottie visit
Granny and Grandad.
Grandad had grown a lovely
big patch of daffodils.


Lottie loved to play in them,
but was very careful not
to tread on any.


Humphrey wanted to pick some.
Granny said, “Why don’t you take
some home to Mummy?”
That gave them a very special idea.


Humphrey asked Granny for
some paper and paints.
Granny gave him one of Grandad’s
shirts too, so that he didn’t get messy.


Humphrey finished his rainbow
picture ... Mummy’s favourite!

Lottie made a special card too, with hearts and flowers.


The very next morning, Humphrey and
Lottie got up early. Daddy helped Lottie
to make a cup of tea and Humphrey
carefully put jam on some toast.


When Mummy woke up she found a big
Spring surprise waiting for her!
She drank her nice cup of tea and Lottie
and Humphrey shared some toast.

Mummy was all smiley
for the rest of the day. x


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